Mask manufacturing / international trade, etc

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Mask manufacturing / international trade, etc

Dalian Jieying Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a modern protective equipment manufacturer integrating research and development, production, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of protective masks. It is one of the largest domestically funded mask manufacturers in Liaoning Province. It is included in the white list of medical mask manufacturers jointly issued by the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs and the National Medical Products Administration, and the white list of medical material exporters jointly issued by the Ministry of Commerce and the Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce. Products through the German Rhine professional testing, the EU CE standard certification.

Adhering to the service tenet of "quality first, customer first, safety and comfort, and health care", the company grasps the context of The Times, examines environmental changes, and adheres to the manufacturing philosophy of "do fine but not wide". It focuses on the production of masks and pursues the alignment between product line and public demand according to customer demand.

The company is mainly engaged in the self-owned brand "Jieying" masks. Now it has three series of medical, non-medical and children's special products with more than 10 specifications and models, with an average daily production capacity of 3.5 million. All products strictly comply with national and industry standards such as GB/T 32610-2016, GB2626-2006, YY 0469-2011, YY/T0969-2013, GB19083-2010 and have obtained product registration certification from the State Food and Drug Administration. Jieying takes the sustainable development as the goal, casts the product quality with the good faith, CARES the people's life attentively. A jie Ying, a guarantee, a peace of mind, bring you and your family a full range of health protection!