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Cooperation to join, jie ying support
1. Jieying brand support
We provide the right to use the registered trademark jieying and the system's VIS manual free of charge.
2. Technical support
Jieying headquarters will provide a certain amount of publicity materials and relevant technical training according to the specific situation of franchisees.
3. Management support
Jieying headquarters professional training management personnel, to ensure the normal operation of franchisees.
4. Franchisee's early preparation and opening support
Jieying headquarters according to the franchisee's situation, free for the franchisee to provide store design, to ensure the unity of the decoration style, other things before the opening of the support.
5. Marketing support in the early stage and operation
In the early preparation and operation process after the opening of the franchisee, if the need for the support of the headquarters of jieying, jieying headquarters will provide the franchisee with systematic marketing planning, to ensure the success of the franchisee, easy dream.
6. Modern protective equipment support
According to the actual project development situation of the franchisee, the headquarters will provide modern protective equipment to ensure that the franchisee saves worry, effort and money.
7. Regional protection policies to ensure exclusive interests
In order to ensure the interests of each regional franchisee, jieying franchise marketing management system has a strict regional protection policy, to ensure that the regional franchisee exclusive market share.
8. Sharing of technical and market information
In order to improve the service quality of jieying brand, franchisees can get all kinds of market information and technical information in the industry in the first time, and at the same time get jieying headquarters technology upgrade services, to ensure the competitive advantage of service products